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Rajib was born in northeast India, where he grew up with much passion for the world. He moved to South India when he was poised to enter the yogic path. He earned a yoga diploma from Svyasa Yoga University in Bangalore and learned Pancha Karma from a renowned Ayurveda doctor. He has been practicing and teaching yoga for 18+ years. Rajib is a Life member of IYA ( Indian yoga Association)

Rajib is an expert in holistic yoga therapy. He applies unique yogic methods through yoga postures, breathwork, meditation, and relaxation techniques, to empower the body and mind to heal better from chronic sufferings.

Rajib traveled across Asia and taught yoga in China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Middle East countries, and India. He believes that experience is a good teacher of life and, yoga is a way of life and an inward path toward ultimate reality. He shares his practical knowledge in his classes. In addition, he counsels each student for their improvement in concentration and strength of mind.

Dr.Suganya is a passionate, enthusiastic, and ambitious Naturopathy physician and yoga teacher; she graduated her Naturopathic medicine from Dr. M.G.R. medical university- Chennai. She also completed a post-graduate Diploma in Yoga at Annamalai University.

She traveled across Asia and Middle Eastern countries for 10+ years to teach yoga and holistic living. Her father was her first yoga guru, who taught her to seek inner truth through yoga philosophy. From childhood, Suganya believes that the rhythm of life is, tuned with yoga, which uplifts our spirits with ecstasy and freedom.

Dr.Suganya is an expert in natural therapies, yoga therapy, energy healing, Acupuncture. Besides being thoughtful towards participants, she also gives insightful techniques of healthy living to participants of Animaa wellness. She says life is a glorious journey to rejoice and grow to higher conscious levels; furthermore, one will learn resilience, courage, compassion, wisdom, and righteous living while in Animaa yoga wellness.

Dr. Muralidhara

Psychologist & Ayurveda Physician

Dr.Muralidhara C.P is a qualified Psychologist, Ayurveda Physician with more than 19 years of extensive experience in Senior Living, Assisted Living, and Dementia Care, Corporate Wellness, and Emotional health. He carries the family legacy of traditional Ayurvedha knowledge from his ancestors and father to benefit modern-day society.

Dr. Muralidhara excelled in the initiation & development of startups like Daycare centers, Dementia Care Centers, Assisted Living Centers, and Senior Living. With over 11 years of operational experience in Active and Assisted Senior Living, he is one of India’s most experienced senior living professionals.

Dr.Muralidhara enjoys his role as a trainer for wellness programs tailor-made to meet the requirements of a group or individual. For example, stress Management, Preventive Health, Mental & Emotional Health, Parenting, Family Health, Emotional Quotient (EQ), Lifestyle Modification, Corporate Yoga & Meditation. He is actively involved in developing and delivering training programs for Assisted Living and Senior living professionals in India.


Yoga Teacher & Trainer

Tripti is a compassionate yoga teacher & trainer with a master’s degree in Yoga. A lovely personality with profound experience teaching for 20+ years. She is a specialist in therapy and wellness yoga. Besides being a certified Nutritionist, She has a diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga.

Tripti has been conducting Yoga and wellness workshops for youth and children for 17+ years. Having done her bit as a member of research teams to find the therapeutic effects of Yoga, she has been treating people affected with Diabetes, Cardiac illnesses, psychosomatic illnesses, Etc. In addition, she has been a corporate yoga trainer for stress management since 2001. Tripti conducted classes, several camps, and workshops in societies like Golden Tulip, Gulmohar Ashiyana, Mikuni India,

Her clientele includes Honeywell, Indian oil, Ashiana Housing Ltd, ISF, MFar, B-Biotech, ONGC, BARC, TATA motors Tata  Etc.

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