Ayurveda was the primary holistic science of life, including medicine and surgery in India before foreign invaders influenced the culture and lifestyle of India. Probably Ayurveda was the most advanced systematic health care method until the 15th century with methods to coexist with nature. With eight specialization fields and lifestyle management systems, the surgical principles of Ayurveda are pretty comparable with modern medical procedures.

External physical therapies, dietary principles, and lifestyle stabilization techniques of Ayurveda are quite a rage amongst health enthusiasts of modern days. At Animaa Wellness, we assist health seekers with the following therapies

Essence of our Ayurvedic interventions are

Elimination of toxins

Regeneration of Body Systems

Restoration of Energy


Therapeutic oil massage with exclusive oils custom-made to suit individuals’ holistic body and mind composition is popularly called abhyanga. Abhyanga includes specific massage techniques with pressure points according to individual health requirements. Such massages reduce stress and nourish skin, relax muscles, and increase joints’ flexibility, bringing in a wide variety of therapeutic benefits. Our experienced team will ensure the basic principle of Ayurveda – to enhance wholesome health and mitigate the patient’s illness.




A wide variety of fomentation techniques as prescribed by the classical texts of Ayurveda elicit therapeutic benefits. One of the adjuvant therapies following “abhyanga.” is to give heat to induce sweating through a specific therapeutic method.

Full-body steam therapy with herbal steam, partial steaming, or localized steaming ensures therapeutic benefits to alleviate stress, stiffness, and a wide variety of uses.


One of the most popular external therapies of Ayurveda is Shirodhara. Rhythmic pouring of medicated oil (taila dhara) or liquids (takra dhara, Kashaya dhara, ksheera dhara) over the forehead is a well-established stress buster.

It helps balance sleep quality and stabilizes blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe Shirodhara for psychosomatic illnesses and also for anxiety disorders. Expert therapists at Animaa wellness administer carefully selected Dhara therapy for enhancing the wellness quotient of health seekers.

Kati Basti/ Janu Basti/ Griva Basti

The word Basti means holding or retention. Holding/retaining medicated oils and ghee (dehydrated medicated butter) in specific areas like the lumbar region, cervical region or whole of the spinal column, knee Ect., employing a particular external structure made of molds is a very effective therapeutic procedure of Ayurveda. Patients with degenerative spinal conditions like spondylitis, spondylosis, joint disorders like osteoarthritis, Etc. Benefit immensely from these therapeutic procedures. Kati Basti is also effective in disc-lesions. 

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