Sarva Svasthya sid'dhih

Why choose Animaa

We are a team of experienced certified experts in holistic wellness to provide optimal health care

We help you understand the underlying cause of your illness and educate prevention, management, and cure

Breathe Nature

The beauty of nature can have a significant impact on our senses. Feast one eyes on nature's freedom, movement, and growth turn an excellent healer.

Magnetic Location

Pollution-free atmosphere. High mountains, incredible valleys teach us to appreciate the stillness and enjoy the silence.

Love of Wisdom

We are one of our kind in the North Bengal region. An alternative health care agency. A holistic resource to heal naturally.

What We Do

Re-construct Body-Mind vitality through our holistic programs


We believe in Holistic therapy. Therefore, we are creating a favorable environment to address the personalized response of the individual’s body & mind, integrating various therapy modules, Yoga, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Acupuncture, and Ayurveda, to impact overall well-being.


Our retreat programs facilitate an educational province that instruments conditions for mindfulness & contemplation benefits health, relationship, and life. It is an excellent opportunity to revitalize an exhausted body & mind get revamped again to run on the track; it is all about taking good care in a specific Vibe.


Wellness coaching is one of our main objectives. Improve health and prevent disease, including weight loss, nutrition, sleep, stress coping, and positive psychology. Make progress in lives to achieve absolute fulfillment.

What You Learn

You can learn to unplug your stress response and plug-in your relaxation response, and allow your body to do its best work - HEAL



Rajib was born in northeast India, where he grew up with much passion for the world. However, he moved to South India when he was poised to enter the yogic path.

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Dr Suganya

Dr.Suganya is a compassionate, enthusiastic, and ambitious Naturopathy physician and yoga teacher; she graduated her Naturopathic medicine from Dr. M.G.R. medical university- Chennai.

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Dr Muralidhara

Dr.Muralidhara.C.P is a qualified Psychologist, Ayurveda Physician with more than 19 years of extensive experience in Senior Living, Assisted Living, and Dementia Care.
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Tripti is a compassionate yoga teacher & trainer with a master’s degree in Yoga. A lovely personality with profound experience teaching for 20+ years. She is a specialist in therapy and wellness yoga.

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“Wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating, and real internal journey assisted in the homely atmosphere by well-trained and lovely experts.”

Dr. Vijay Kumar Sharma

Manabari Busty (village) P.S. Malbazar,

P.O. Manabari, Dist. Jalpaiguri 735222

West Bengal, India.

Nearest Town – Oodalabari

Airport –  Bagdogra, Siliguri

Distance – 60 km ( via Gajol Doba Road)

Travel time – A 1 hr 30 min

Railway station – NJP, Siliguri

Distance – 50 km

Travel time – 1 hr 10 min

Railway station – New Mal Junction, Malbazar

Distance – 17 km

Travel time – 20 min

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